Winter Wants 2016




I’m seeing stars everywhere right now and I love it. I’m obsessed with stars and everything celestial. I literally have stars hanging from my ceiling, no joke.






Winter is all about lazing around the house, binge watch holiday movies and getting cozy on the couch. Instead of lounging around in you brother’s old high school band shirt, put on a cute embroidered sweatshirt. I’ve read that lounging around in nice clothing is somehow better for your self-esteem than going about the house in coffee stained sweatpants.



Sweaters are inevitable this season. Go for one in a slightly unexpected color, like a sumptuous olive green, in a luxe feeling material, like chenille. It’s similar to velvet, which is super In right now, but different enough to not blend into a sea of velvet pieces.


Embellished pieces are a simple way to make a statement. They’re an easy way to add texture and dimension to your outfit without much effort. I love how eclectic and spirited this one is, it even ties in the star trend mentioned earlier. ⭐


This is one of those pieces I can only dream about ever owning. I love the sheer, flowy pleats juxtaposed with the intricate lace and beading. Wear this while listening to Lana Del Rey and drinking champagne, draped across an antique rococo chaise lounge.



Okay, back in the real world LOL. A similar piece showcases the same trendy neckline in a neutral tone, with subtle embellishments. Wear it to a lowkey holiday party with cranberry boot socks, or take it holiday shopping with some lace up flats.

I want to remind you that shopping isn’t everything this season. Remember that almost 11 million tons of clothing get thrown in landfills every year. Shopping sustainably doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult, check out your local thrift stores to score some thrifty threads. Get creative with a stitch ripper or liquid stitch to recreate this season’s trends.

Happy shopping!


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