Museum Musings: Heard Museum

Dolled Up Thoughts

This is an example of future posts on my other new blog. I hope to use it as sort of an online curated diary, or some other pretentious sounding thing.

Last month I went to the Heard Museum with my boyfriend and I got a few snapshots here and there of pieces that really interested me. Looking back on those photos the other day made me remember the distressing reality that really hit me in the face once I stepped into the museum and started looking around.

IMG_20160616_061954 “Indigenous Evolution” by Rosemary Lonewolf & Tony Jojola

Sure, in school we learn about the smallpox blankets, the “real” story of Pocahontas, and maybe a little but about reservations but I feel like Native history is glossed over in high school. (I haven’t studied it past then). What this country has done to generations of Native peoples is just abhorrent and I think…

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