Goodbye, Barack Obama

I was born towards the end of the Clinton era. I was a child during the Bush years, so the only president I’ve ever really known is Barack Obama. I remember watching election coverage late at night on Nickelodeon’s Nick News in 2008 and not really understanding what was going on. I was only 12 and I didn’t grow up in a house that paid attention to politics. Through my teen years, I was inspired and proud to have a president that advocated for LGBT+ rights and was an unabashed POC. I am so sincerely saddened that his legacy has already begun to be dismantled by the Republican-lead House & Senate, as well as the absolute vial monster about to take the presidency. In honor of the president I grew up with, with all my respect and admiration, here are some of my favorite photos of Barack Obama, because no president has ever been as cool as Obama.

Planning a slumber party with VP Joe Biden.
Rockin’ b-day with Biden.
Running away from the ghost of Shirley Temple.
Being a courtesy clerk’s nightmare.
Idk, something funny about art.
A marriage for the books.
Stealing a baby’s afternoon snack.
A heartwarming, bittersweet farewell.

Thanks, Obama. 🖤


Selena XO

Catch me crying and not watching the Inauguration here.

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