Female Energy Friday: Kailee McKenzie

I’ll be spotlighting some kickass girls doing their thing every other Friday. Whether they’re activists, artists, or just doing their thing, let’s talk about some girls blazing their path in this world. 

Our very first FE is Kailee McKenzie. She’s a fashion-based Youtuber with a blog focused on her take on life. Kailee regularly speaks out about topics that are important to her, from sustainable fashion to racial injustice to inclusive feminism. I can’t even begin to describe the awareness Kailee shares on her platforms and the importance of her public acknowledgement of privilege (where she lives, the color of her skin). She could easily just talk about fast fashion and not risk losing her audience, but she routinely speaks about issues most people would rather ignore. I love that she’s never been afraid to talk about feminism, since high school she’s been supporting the idea of women wearing what they want and being self-autonomous. She supports herself with her Youtube channels and has an internship in fashion. I really admire the way she encourages her viewers to learn to rely on themselves and foster their independence. On her second channel, she often does low-key chatting videos about topics important to her. She’s honest and approachable. Seriously, the girl is just super cool and way refreshing in an era of people burying their heads in the sand and raving about the newest whatever.


Check out some of Kailee’s work:

x // x // x // x // x // x

Where to find Kailee:

youtube // vlog // blog // twitter // instagram // tumblr

Source, by Brandon Sapp


Selena XO



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  1. Hi, Selena! I love this blog idea. I also love Kailee McKenzie! I watch all of her YouTube videos/vlogs! If you are interested, check out my blog that I’ve been working on: leahsconnolly.wordpress.com


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