Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

I am absolutely terrible at buying gifts for men! Absolutely terrible so they’re completely excluded from this post, soz. Let’s buy some cutesy crap for our girlfriends, gal pals, and tbh maybe even yourself! I am wholeheartedly in the camp that you can buy yourself presents for pretty much every single holiday (maybe not Mother/Father’s Day but you do you, boo).


For Your BFFL


a // b or b // c // d

For your best friend, keep it humorous and lighthearted. Get her a funny phone case or a stick a silly photo of the two of you in a funky frame. Get her a journal to pour all her thoughts into when you’re not around. Besties shows a best friendship that I wish every girl could know. Laugh at it or love it.

For Your Gal Pal (A.K.A. casual girlfriend)


a // b // c // d // e

For that period where you’re kind of dating but you’re not really past that point where expensive presents are the norm, go for simple items. Matching coffee mugs, easy to divvy up in case you split up. A cute necklace so she’ll stop stealing yours. A phone case showcasing your #travelgoals. A sassy tumbler and an adorable catchall so they think about you during the little parts of life.

For Yourself (#treatyoself)


a // b // c // d

Whether you’re getting yourself a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to reward yourself or cheer yourself up, get you something pretty and $$$. I’m really feeling this Valfre Heartbreaker journal, I feel like it really deserves some juicy stories. Speaking of juicy, paint your nails a metallic juicy red for a splash of color boys won’t really “get”. Because you’re your own person, regardless of what our newly sworn-in government is trying to pull, rock a badass jacket claiming yourself. Lastly, if you’re not technically alone for V-day because you’re FaceTiming your S.O. five states away, but you’re still feeling kind of lonely, slip on a pretty, weighty reminder of them to carry near your heart.

Any of these gifts can be switched around from category to category. Heck, you could buy all of these for yourself! Let me know if you’ll be snatching any of these things up!


twit-smallig-small  Need some tunes for Valentine’s Day?



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