3 Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Girl

I love, love, love making outfits. My dream job is as a personal stylist, but that’s never gonna happen. So here are some super cute outfit ideas for pretty much anyone who actually cares anything about Valentine’s Day.

1.) Date Night with the Guy You Let Get to a 4th Date


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You’re really hoping he takes a hint and plans something super romantic, showering you with Compartes chocolates and filling your loft with 1000 pink roses….but instead he takes you to Applebee’s and a lame movie and you question every choice leading up to this night. You wipe off your silver cream eyeshadow on his bed sheets.

2.) You’re Pissed at Every Man in the World and Rightfully So (probably)


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Idk what he did to you but you’re probably right. Put on 10 Things I Hate About You for a good kick of girl power and snack on a pomegranate like you’re snacking on his heart. Too much? Pomegranate seeds are a healthy snack, a healthy you is a happier you. Lounge around in cute clothes and block him on Instagram. Blast Ginger Bronson and go to sleep all tuckered out.

3.) It’s Galentine’s Day & You Love Your Friends


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Ah, Galentine’s Day. I’ve never experienced this sort of female camaraderie so if you’re throwing or at a Galentine’s Day party, you’re already in such a good place. This is every preteen girls’ dream. Nurture your friendships, eat ice cream while wearing insane face masks and watch something starring a strong female lead. Rejoice in your girl power and drink Smirnoff Ice.

Whatever your plans may be, be safe, drive responsibly, and have fun!


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